Summer Festival, New York, 2020

Xeno and Oaklander will represent one of the main names on the lineup at the Summer Festival from New York – the summer of 2020. The electronic music couple will enchant the audience just days after releasing the new album, meaning fans will have something to look forward to – great music, a beautiful atmosphere and a new sound.

Liberal Festival of France, Paris, 2020

The so called Liberal Festival of Paris takes place at the end of every summer – dates are yet to be announced. Xeno and Oaklander represent one of the first names to be announced. It will be the first apparition on European soil after releasing the new album, which will come out in the same summer – definitely something interesting for the fans.

UK Tour, 2020

There is no surprise about it – Xeno and Oaklander have a massive fan base in the United Kingdom. The electronic music duo will organize a tour in the summer and fall of 2020. They will target more cities, including London, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. Dates and locations are yet to be announced – check back soon.